Smart Office Solution


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for a safe workplace environment that enterprises need to create for their employees. Enterprises need to adhere to state and county level directives to ensure they comply to the social distancing rules.


Our Naya smart-return-to-work solution helps enterprises create a safe workplace environment to foster a sense of safety and awareness amongst the employees. The Naya conversational bot can be configured by the enterprise to address and answer any question by the employee to pave way for a smart return to work. Enterprises can now confidently address risk management, implement workforce safety, and support regulatory requirements for business relaunch and continuity.


  • Breach Notification: Our configurable push notifications powered using the Bluetooth and iBeacon technologies provide friendly nudges to employees when they breach social distancing rules
  • Crowd Management: Enterprises can define their crowd management parameters so that notifications can be sent to employees when a crowd gathers within the workplace
  • Chatbot: Empower your employees to get instant responses on various resources related to the wellness, safety, healthcare benefits, and more