Personal Finance Management


For an individual, consolidating all their incomes and expenses at periodic intervals across sources and managing these funds efficiently is a big challenge.


FLAIST offers a plug-and-play solution to combine income and expense information across platforms and provide personalised, data-driven insights on budgeting, spending, saving, insuring and investing prudently to improve financial health.


  • Make easy payments: With our in-app assistant, you can now make quick and easy payments in a matter of seconds. No clicks, no hassle.  Just say it, and it'll be done!
  • Encourage savings: Get timely notifications to motivate you to reach your time bound saving goals. Our sentiment analysis driven APIs will work on the sidelines to help you reach your saving goals!
  • Understand spend pattern: FLAIST's microservices include a machine learning driven tool that categorises users' monthly spend into 'expense buckets' and provides personalised feedback on how money is being spent every month.
  • Offer insights: Based on locations and past activity on the account, you can get customised recommendations on what's the best offer for you! FLAIST brings to you an intention-analysis API that understands what you plan to do and suggests to you, the best way to do it!