Open Banking


Poised to reshape the banking industry, open banking relies on APIs and networks that enable users to aggregate financial data across multiple service providers. However, it is often difficult to convince a user to trust a third-party application to share financial information.


Collaborating with leading banks and financial service providers, FLAIST brings to you a meticulously curated open-banking platform that is user-friendly, secure, comprehensive, and ahead of its time for the banking industry.


  • Consolidated personal finance portal: The "One app for everything and everything in one app" approach has driven us to create EVA Money, an all encompassing portal to manage everything to do with your money.
  • Security is the key: We highly value customer's data privacy and security and our frameworks are developed to ensure that your data flows only where you want it to.
  • Check balances real-time: Imagine having your own personal assistant who manages your money. All you need to do is ask "What's my balance across accounts today?" Our conversational assistant can give you a real-time response within seconds!