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Platform Built for Banks and Financial Institutions

Flaist is the easiest and fastest way to power your digital initiatives.

One stop shop for banks and financial institutions to completely digitize their customer journey

Flaist is the easiest and fastest way for you to re-imagine the banking customer experience and turbocharge your digital channel.

We helps banks create value -For themselves and their customers

More touch points. Greater engagement. Increased loyalty and retention. Higher revenue. And all this culminating in augmented Customer long-term value.

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Fintech as a service

Flaist's proprietory pre-built use cases helps your bank offer several popular Fintech services directly to your customers #FintechifyYourBank with Flaist!

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Why us ?

We believe in simplifying experiences which has resulted in us hand crafting the micro-experiences in a way that best resonates with your customers.


Our solutions can be containerized and deployed on your premise conforming to your data security, privacy standards and regulations

Define and deploy digital journeys in matter of days using our pre-built and pre-configured experiences created just for Banking. Use our self service portal to define and support new use cases and scenario.

Plug and Play solution

Cut Down
Development Time

Our patented technology cuts down the development cycles to almost none, enabling you to goto market faster.

Our solutions are device and medium agnostic. In other words, the experience is consumed by your entire user base consistently across usage mediums.

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